Our Story

Georgie Peach Organics is a small, independently women-owned business that was dreamed up at the end of 2021--while camping of all things.  As our kids were playing at the edge of a pristine lake, we (Erika and Chelsie) were discussing the lack of skincare products that that we felt were clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for our kiddos. We had both been searching for products that met those criteria.  However, we could not find anything that our kids and ourselves were both equally excited about. So here we are, on a journey to create clean, positive and fun products for our kids.

Our products incorporate positive affirmations. We value children feeling empowered and want every child to know how incredibly awesome and unique they are. We believe skin care products should send positive messages, especially to young minds. We needed our products to be something our kids were excited about having and using-- thus the whimsical artwork, colors, and scent. It was imperative that our products be safe and clean for their developing bodies and minds-- thus the ingredients had to go through a rigorous checklist. Some of which included: no sulfates, no phthalates, no parabens, and no endocrine disrupting fragrances or ingredients.

We, at Georgie Peach Organics, wanted our packaging to be convenient and Earth friendly, hence the fun nature of our lotion pouches. The pouch allows the consumer to conveniently take their lotions with them, enables them to squeeze out every last magical drop, and uses significantly less plastic, thus leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

So that is the story of two moms with absolutely no connections in the beauty world or experience creating a brand -let alone a lotion- and how they created Georgie Peach Organics. We did a TON of research and testing to get to where we are today. We are completely grassroots, no funding, no investors, and no independent wealth powering us.

We are simply two moms that had a problem and set out to solve it. Thanks for being on our journey with us.

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