Last Minute Thrift Store Costume Ideas

I love going to the thrift store for costumes. I enjoy the challenge of creating unique outfits from just a few items. For example: a pair of big black boots quickly spins into a pirate outfit complete with gold hoops, a loose white long sleeve, men's brown pants that I cut off, and a bandana on my head. Another reason I love it is that it is friendly to my wallet. Third, and probably most important--it is keeping items out of landfills and giving new life to them.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your thrift store or last minute costumes:

Mummy: white clothes and then wrap ripped white fabric or toilet paper around your body.  Or grab some old white bed sheets from the thrift store and start tearing them into strips. Wrap yourself from head to toe, leaving only your eyes visible. Add some smudged black eyeliner for that extra spooky touch.

Scarecrow/Farmer: flannel shirt, overalls or jeans, straw hat. Stuff straw around pockets and cuffs for extra pizzazz. Add a plush cow, horse, sheep, etc.

Fairy: toss on a pair of fairy wings with a pastel or woodsy outfit, sheer fabrics, or lace. Sprinkle in some glitter makeup and ribbons for extra flow.

Flower Child: rock the 70's with a tie-dyed or colorful shirt, some round glasses, fringe, or anything flared.  DIY a peace sign and you are good to go. 

Grandpa/Grandma: channel your inner granny with a robe, hair rollers, a walking stick, and glasses, add makeup lines for wrinkles.

Rockstar: funky clothes, boots, large sunglasses, teased hair, hefty headphones, strum a guitar (or grab a mic!), and hey, eyeliner is a cool bonus!

Black Cat: dress in all black, fashion some ears and a tail using a black headband and felt, or snag a budget-friendly set from the store. Don't forget to add some whiskers!

So many options! This can be a really fun activity with your child or family.  Go to the thrift store and challenge each person to come up with the best costume. You will be surprised how fun it is and how creative you will get. Are you ready to haunt the neighborhood with your killer Halloween costume?

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