I remember hurriedly opening my email, trying to get a few things done before my two year-old woke up and the day's chaos began.  I saw an email from Vogue and immediately discredited it as spam.  Someone was probably posing as Vogue to try and take advantage of small business owners who were waiting for their big break.  I didn't even open it. I trashed it and moved on. 

I didn't think about it again until the next week when I received a follow up email from Vogue asking if we had received the email and if we would like to be featured in their JULY, AUGUST, and SEPTEMBER issues of British Vogue. They like to feature small brands that they feel are up and coming and a good fit with their brand.  I was astonished--there was no way this was true.  I called my sister and tried to keep the excitement out of my voice as I asked her if this was real or a scam.  We decided to find a few other brands that had been featured in previous issues. All the while, we tried not to get our hopes up.

It still seemed too good to be true.  A million questions went through my head.  We barely had 300 followers on Instagram, we were a tiny no name children's lotion company.  How would they have found us?!  Why would they want us?!  What does this mean!?  Is this real!?  What is the catch!? 

I tentatively responded back to the email saying we were definitely interested and asked for more details.  As I continued to talk to the Vogue rep I became more and more excited.  They wanted us.  This was happening.  Georgie Peach was going to be featured in British Vogue.  We quickly began planning our photo shoot and wrote up our blurb.  We turned it in and waited.  I still felt like maybe it was a twisted scam--until we received the first issue in the mail.  I legit squealed when I saw it in the mailbox.

No matter what the future brings, I consider being featured in British Vogue a highlight in our Georgie Peach journey.

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